Virtual Twin to Win

March 08, 2024
In this day and age design and manufacturing has become a highly competitive realm where even the smallest delay or inefficiency could lead to untold losses. Typically to ensure the highest quality product takes a large effort to iterate, physical prototype, and test things out before even thinking about production runs. The physical prototypes and preparations take time and money to produce and limit the amount of creativity as we weigh the potential benefit of a wild idea vs the cost to test it out. Integrating a Virtual Twin will take into account not just a single department but the entire organizations needs to give a true digital representation of the physical world.

Join us on Thursday, March 21 at 10AM EST, as TriMech Elite Application Engineer, Sawyer Gara, as we discuss how a Virtual Twin can be integrated into your current design and manufacturing process. Virtual Twins land on a spectrum so you will see how you may even be utilizing Virtual Twin technologies in your typical day-to-day work. We will look at how Virtual Twins allow us to model, simulate, validate, and even optimize current and new manufacturing processes. After this online seminar you will be left with some Keys to Success to go forward and implement a Virtual Twin for your company. We will conclude with a live Q&A with our Virtual Twin Technical Expert.

•Key Takeaways:
- Virtual Twin vs Digital Twin
- The Virtual Twin Spectrum
- Practical Examples
- Keys to Succes with Virtual Twin