AutoCAD Electrical vs SOLIDWORKS Electrical

June 03, 2024
On the surface, both AutoCAD Electrical and SOLIDWORKS Electrical seemingly offer the exact same electrical schematic design capabilities, but if you dig a little deeper and ask around, you'll quickly learn there's a deeper story to uncover. While AutoCAD Electrical has served many industries since its release in 2004, many of the early decisions made in product development that were accepted by customers at release have lost their novelty in the 20 years since. This has left many companies asking the question, "Is there a better way?"

So why should you choose SOLIDWORKS Electrical? Do you find yourself losing sanity fixing broken object links Do you get blurred vision from combing the project for component & wire cross-reference errors? Do you find yourself forgetting one of the many unguided steps to creating a library component (and having to start all over…)? Are you going gray waiting for searches and library queries to complete? Are you actually making MORE mistakes than if you were just using AutoCAD?

Join us, as TriMech Elite Application Engineer Sawyer Gara, explains why you should replace AutoCAD Electrical with SOLIDWORKS Electrical to create robust schematics, wire diagrams, panel layouts, and general supporting documentation more quickly and easily.

In this webinar, you will learn:

- Manage Projects and Drawings in SOLIDWORKS Electrical
- Adopt a comprehensive part and symbol library
- Automate your wire numbering and component cross-referencing
- Leverage powerful, customizable reports and design rule checks
- Utilize truly bidirectional integration with 3D CAD modeling and routing