SOLIDWORKS Design Checker

February 02, 2024
SOLIDWORKS Design checker is a great way to automate drawing consistency.

The SOLIDWORKS Design Checker has four available modules: check active documents, check against existing file, build checks, and Learn Checks Wizard. The check active document module allows a user to compare a drawing to a chosen .swstd file. Check against an existing file allows a user to compare one drawing to another. The Build Checks module allows a user to create a .swstd file.

Join us on Tuesday, February 13 at 10:00 AM ET, as Haley Huffman, a TriMech Solutions Consultant, to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage the capabilities of each module. Attendees will receive a thorough walkthrough of SOLIDWORKS Design Checker’s versatile toolkit. The aim is to empower users with the knowledge and skills needed to optimize drawing consistency within the SOLIDWORKS environment.

During this SOLIDWORKS Design Checker Webinar, you will learn:
- Learn more about the Learn Checks Wizard
- Learn how to build checks to create a standards file
- Learn how to check an active document against a standards file
- Learn more about checking against existing files