Ultimate Import Geometry Optimization for Large Assemblies

April 17, 2024
Files imported from STEP and other neutral formats can generate significant slowdowns when used in your assemblies. It is true that SOLIDWORKS has multiple tools dedicated to fixing errors and simplifying complex geometry, but used on their own they produce only incremental improvements.

To be successful in optimizing such files, we should employ a streamlined methodology involving multiple tools with the goal of preserving only what is relevant for their assemblies. This presentation is based on a real-life case study of a complex imported assembly which generated a severe slow-down when inserted in the top-level assembly. The user no longer had access to the original STEP file. The geometry had many errors. The level of detail was high and none of the typical optimization tools like SpeedPak, Defeature, Simplify produced the expected improvements.

This story has a happy ending.

Attend and learn a unique procedure that will enable you to overcome the most complex import geometry problems.

Key Takeaways:

- Preserving what is relevant for large assemblies
- Overcoming slow downs
- Working with an inaccessible original STEP file