TriMech's Power Suite Feature Set

May 08, 2024
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional provides extensive options for control of documents and improved productivity using automation. The TriMech Power Suite’s feature set enhances SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional’s core functionality, providing users and administrators with additional capabilities to improve productivity and control in the vault.

In this webinar, we will discuss four features of the Power Suite.

The Auto Log Off feature: The Auto Log Off feature allows the PDM Administrator to monitor specific disk level and system level activities to ensure the end users are actively interacting with PDM Professional.

The PDM Rename feature: The PDM Rename feature allows re-naming of files stored in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional based on a complex rename syntax scheme.

The ECx feature: The ECx feature helps to simplify managing the Engineering Change process in SOLIDWORKS PDM. The highly customizable interface provides a user-friendly way to attach files to Engineering Change documents.

The Reference feature: The Reference Feature allows SOLIDWORKS to dynamically search through the PDM vault for any missing references when opening files.