Tips and Tricks: SOLIDWORKS Fillets

March 06, 2024
While applying fillets to our models is a pretty common occurrence, we don’t always leverage the tools we have to their full extent. A major benefit to this will be working more efficiently with the tools you may not have known you had. Today we’ll not only be looking at creating fillets, but also how to evaluate fillets as we work, troubleshoot fillets, and workaround some issues that can occur using the fillet command.

Watch as TriMech, Solutions Consultant, Applications, Matthew Siddall, will look at the options within each of the fillet commands and how to visually evaluate our fillets as we work. Additionally, we’ll be looking at some different ways in which fillets fail to generate, how we can recognize this, and most importantly how to work around these issues to maintain design intent. To close, we’ll take a look at more advanced approaches to create a transition for irregular geometry and compare methods for creating that transition.

Key Takeaways:

· Overlooked fillet options
· Visually evaluating fillets
· Troubleshooting & repairing fillets
· Advanced techniques for creating fillets and transitions