SOLIDWORKS Premium Routing – Electrical Overview

February 28, 2024
One of many reasons someone would upgrade to SOLIDWORKS Premium is to gain access to the best-in-class routing functionalities that are included with that package. Often times, engineers will try to get by using simple sweeps to represent their Electrical Cabling and do their best to route them along their designs with a 3D Sketches. Ultimately, this will get the job done but takes a long time and leaves a lot of great functionality on the table when working in Electro-Mechanical Assemblies. A basic every day design can be taken to the next level by utilizing SOLIDWORKS Electrical Routing.

Join TriMech Elite Application Engineer, Sawyer Gara, as we discuss SOLIDWORKS Electrical Routing included with every seat of SOLIDWORKS Premium. We’ll start off by familiarizing ourselves with the basics of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Routing and the major benefits of utilizing the tool. From here we’ll dive right into the Electrical Routing Library Manager and showcase how to fully customize our experience. With the basics in place, we’ll discuss a couple of the ways to streamline the reuse of existing electrical cables in future designs. Finally, we will touch on the major differences between the Electrical Routing in SOLIDWORKS Premium and the Electrical Routing in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D.

Key Takeaways:

- SOLIDWORKS Electrical Routing Overview
- Introduction to the Routing Library Manager
- Importing Cables from Excel
- Reusing Routes and Cables
- Differences between SOLIDWORKS Premium Routing and Electrical 3D