SOLIDWORKS PDM History Lesson: Who Accessed my Data? When and Why?

July 02, 2024
In this Webinar, we will share the ways that a user or administrator can see and understand the history of files in the vault. We will take the time to discuss where the history dialog boxes are and how to understand the suble things that can help you understand what is going on at a glance. (Note to Sawyer: I’m talking about Bold versus regular here – reading the comments, etc). How does this process vary from Windows Explorer to inside SOLIDWORKS? When opening a file, does a user always have to use the latest version, or can they get the file as it was when checked in? (Can talk about forcing to use latest versions here vs. not, as well as the box to flip for as-built vs latest)

After we know where to find the history, how does a company ensure there is information to be found? This Webinar will discuss how to force a user to make comments, as well as discuss the positives and negatives of doing so. After all, we want useful information added to the vault. (Thinking of showing the check boxes for check-in and state changes… Discuss. I do not really recommend checking in as it often leads to silly comments, which you will know who did them. Also, we can discuss how to toggle to using a user's name instead of their login credentials.)

Lastly, we will show you where administrators can find the log files to discover who changed the vault configuration last if there is an unexpected behavior. It can help narrow down the places where you can look for an issue. Also, administrators often find themselves wanting to know what files the users have gotten from the server, with the Get Operations functionality that was introduced in 2023, this information is now available to you.

- Find the history of a file in Windows Explorer vs SOLIDWORKS
- Forcing comments at check-in vs state changes
- Investigating the system history – Who changes the configuration last.
- Discover the Get Operations in a vault