SOLIDWORKS Path to Digital Manufacturing

April 24, 2024
From Paper to Performance: SOLIDWORKS’ Path to Digital Manufacturing

Key Takeaways:

· How to manage your data efficiently in one unified environment
· How to create digital product manufacturing information (PMI) directly inside your CAD files
· How tool pathing is automated directly off models while also taking tolerancing into consideration
· How to create inspection documentation directly from the model
· How to create intelligent, interactive content for shop floor use like assembly manual and quality assurance produce guides

Join us for an enlightening webinar that marks the beginning of your transition from traditional, paper-based manufacturing processes to a fully integrated, digital approach. Led by our Application Engineers, John Hall and Jorge Villacres, this session will show how you can transition from a paper-based operations floor to creating seamless digital content and implementing a digital (PMI) Model-Based Enterprise (MBE)Process to complete a project. During the presentation, our engineers will show you how you can apply and enhance your digital workflows by combining and leveraging many Solidworks tools such as PDM, MBD, CAM, Inspection, and Composer.

Key Takeaways:

- Unified Data Management: Dive deep into the strategies for centralizing your project data with SolidWorks Product Data Management (PDM), ensuring that your team can access, share, and manage data more efficiently than ever before.
- Digital PMI Creation within CAD: Learn the art of embedding Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) directly into your CAD files. This innovative approach not only streamlines your design-to-manufacturing workflow but also significantly reduces dependency on external documentation.
- Inspection Documentation from Models: Gain insights into generating detailed inspection documentation straight from your models with SolidWorks Inspection, enhancing the accuracy and consistency of your quality assurance processes.
- Interactive Content for Shop Floor Use: Explore how to create compelling, interactive content such as assembly manuals and quality assurance guides using SolidWorks Composer. These resources are designed to improve operational efficiency and product quality on the shop floor.
- This webinar is a must-attend for manufacturing professionals looking to streamline their operations and embrace the future of digital manufacturing. Through practical demonstrations and expert guidance, you'll learn how to leverage SolidWorks tools to enhance your digital workflows, improve product quality, and increase efficiency across the board.