Project Management Fundamentals in Technology Implementations

June 17, 2024
Why does it seem like so many projects in this world finish over budget and take longer than expected? That’s because it’s true. Recent data and studies suggest that approximately 45% of significantly sized IT projects exceed their budgets and target completion dates.

There are many reasons that roughly half of IT projects blow the budget and timeline, including: underdefined or changing requirements, inadequate initial planning, lack of risk management, overly optimistic estimation, insufficient communication, and unforeseen technology challenges.

In this webinar, we will discuss the ways that technology implementation projects can benefit greatly by having a dedicated project manager on the team. The objectives of the Project Manager are to increase the project team’s efficiency, accelerate the completion of the project, mitigate risks, reduce issues and delays, and improve visibility for all stakeholders on the status and expected completion of planned tasks, milestones, and deliverables.

Key Takeaways:

· Project Management is so much more than just a Gantt chart and status meetings.
· Key fundamentals of professional project management in technology projects.
· Typical deliverables and methods included in TriMech project management services.