Panel Assembly Instructions Using SOLIDWORKS Electrical and Composer.mp4

April 24, 2024
One of the biggest benefits that using SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic and SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D brings us is the ability to get a single cohesive view of my electro-mechanical assembly. As a design team we can showcase our designs from a 2D Schematic perspective as well as a fully modeled and routed 3D Assembly. Doing this is great and ensures that there are no questions and no discrepancies between what we designed and what gets produced. SOLIDWORKS Composer allows us to take this one step further and easily create assets for assembly instructions for the panel.

Join TriMech Elite Application Engineer, Sawyer Gara, as we discuss how to take systems designed inside of SOLIDWORKS Electrical and utilize SOLIDWORKS Composer to generate assembly documentation. We will review of complimenting SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic by pairing it with SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D to create true electro-mechanical assemblies. From there we let SOLIDWORKS Composer take the reigns to generate our assembly steps. Because we are using a connected design ecosystem, SOLIDWORKS Composer can leverage properties from our wires and components to pull information directly to the assembly instructions. The cherry on top will be taking each step of the assembly procedures and turning them into a powerful animation to truly showcase how the system is built. Finally, we end with some things to keep in mind when flowing between SOLIDWORKS Electrical and SOLIDWORKS Composer to implement keys to success.

Key Takeaways:

- Review the collaboration of Electrical Schematic and Electrical 3D
- Creating Panel Assembly Instruction Documents
- Pulling Properties from Electrical Components
- Going from static images to amazing animations
- Keys to Success for Electrical – PDM BOM Integration