New Space & Satellites: EMC & E3 Simulation

January 26, 2024
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) describes the ability of a device to operate as intended in its environment without interfering with other devices. By law, products must comply with international EMC standards which regulate EM emissions and the susceptibility of electrical and electronic systems to be sold. The earlier a potential EMC problem is identified, the less disruption it causes to the design process. By including EMC compliant design at an early stage, additional costly development iterations can be avoided later. EMC regulations shall ensure that devices must not emit electromagnetic fields that can disrupt other electronics and must be able to withstand interference from nearby devices and from environmental electromagnetic effects (E3) such as lightning strikes or electromagnetic pulse.
During this webinar we will demonstrate the necessary solutions for space electromagnetic compatibility analysis such as RF co-site interference, radiated susceptibility and lightning strike to help space companies to save costs and time in their product design