Interface in Your Face - The SOLIDWORKS 2024 Edition

June 03, 2024
60 minutes will be enough for you to learn and master the most efficient workflow for telling SOLIDWORKS 2024 what to do while working only in the graphics area. No more tinkering with the FeatureManager Tree, the static toolbars or the Command Manager. Your mouse movement will be reduced by more than 75%, but, more importantly, your eyes will stay focused on the model, allowing you to concentrate on design and stay in the flow. When the mouse cursor moves on the screen, your eyes are following it, creating micro-distractions.

Instead of focusing on your next steps in designing your product, the brain gets busy hunting for icons or browsing the FeatureManager tree. By the time you found the icon and completed the feature, you lost track of what is the next step in the design process. There is no wonder that at the end of the day you feel tired.

Attending this 60-minute presentation will change your life!