Get to Know TriMech's Services for SOLIDWORKS PDM

May 10, 2024
Did you know that TriMech offers a whole hosts of services catered directly to SOLIDWORKS PDM? If you’ve ever tried to implement a PDM System and migrate your existing data into the new system all while keeping up with normal everyday work responsibilities, you know that it is an almost impossible task. There are plenty of ins and outs of the software and process that rarely get the attention to detail when you have other deadlines to juggle. Fortunately, TriMech has recognized this and put together cohesive and effective packages to let you and your team hit the ground running in a secure and collaborative environment like SOLIDWORKS PDM

Join TriMech Elite Application Engineer, Sawyer Gara, as we discuss how TriMech makes it easy to implement SOLIDWORKS PDM: regardless of if its PDM Standard or PDM Professional. Together we will take a look at the different options at your disposal to get SOLIDWORKS PDM up and running. This includes the beginning implementation of the vault to ensure installation, permissions, and workflows are all going smoothly. At that point, the other question is: what do we do with our existing data? During the webinar, we will discuss the TriMech developed tools to help make better informed decisions on data migrations and the paths forward if a migration makes sense. From there, we will review some of the auxiliary services such as the Administrative Services (to allow TriMech to manage and administrate the PDM Vault) or how we can assist hosting PDM in a Cloud-Server Environment. Finally, we touch on some things you want to think about to make the transition into SOLIDWORKS PDM as smooth as possible.

Key Takeaways:

- SOLIDWORKS PDM Implementations
- Data Migrations into the Vault
- SOLIDWORKS PDM Administrative Services
- Cloud Hosting SOLIDWORKS PDM
- What to look out for when implementing SOLIDWORKS PDM