Exciting Updates to 3DEXPERIENCE Works Products

June 13, 2024
During the webinar, we will review the latest enhancements in the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Data Management (for SOLIDWORKS teams). With each update, there are many new and streamlined features. Whether you are an existing SOLIDWORKS customer using the Platform or considering the benefits of a Cloud-based platform for data management, this webinar will have relevant information for your team.
If your team currently does not have a design tool and you are looking to have a Cloud based design suite of tools, we will also introduce SOLIDWORKS Cloud toward the end. This suite of cloud- based design tools runs in the web browser and allows a ‘pick-up and go’ design methodology.

5 Key Takeaways
- The latest enhancements to SOLIDWORKS
- 3DEXPERIENCE (ENOVIA) Commands within the SOLIDWORKS Interface
- User Experience Improvements
- Server-Side Considerations
- Overview of SOLIDWORKS Cloud for Cloud Design