Connecting requirements & systems engineering (MBSE)

June 18, 2024

The integration of requirements engineering, system architecture, design and validation creates a stable foundation for a functioning development process.

However, there are still challenges:

A single-source-of-truth does not exist for the validation of technical project data

Departments work in silos, often leading to inconsistencies in the value creation process

Employees are more concerned with data search and interpretation resulting in decreased productivity

Model-Based Engineering (MBSE) breaks down the barriers by connecting interdisciplinary teams to enable a better understanding of the assignment, the scenarios and the needs of everyone involved.

Starting with the requirements specification, the definition of the use cases and the general understanding of the context of the system to be developed, a consistent but also complete system model can be achieved. This system model then builds the core of the following verification & validation processes that go hand in with the simulation models, reducing the need for prototypes within the product development process.

Using an e-drive as an example, this webinar will show how efficient product development is possible on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.