NEW SPACE & SATELLITES: Antenna Design and Installed Performance


Powered by 3DEXPERIENCE, our electromagnetic simulation technology allows antenna design and placement on the satellite to be optimized with high accuracy and speed. Radiofrequency interference between systems is crucial for system integrators and must be well understood at an early design stage. Therefore, a dedicated interference task solver provides a complete understanding of the coupling between all the communication and detection systems.


Adhering to compliance standards for radiofrequency systems is a legal requirement that must be met to go to market. Validated high-fidelity simulation gives confidence that certification tests will be passed at the first attempt.


Reliable operation of communication and detection systems is critically essential for the operation of satellites. However, the cost of physical testing of those systems is very high and reducing it to a minimum is crucial. 


In this webinar, we analyse communication system performance for a concept satellite design. We cover all aspects of the workflow:

- Generating suitable antenna models for simulation

- Creating the assembly

- Simulating installed performance

- Combining antenna coupling with transmitter/receiver models to predict co-site interference