Domain Controllers and PDM


In this webinar, we will be demystifying any technical jargon to ensure everyone is on a level playing field, then we'll provide a comprehensive understanding of SOLIDWORKS PDM, domains, and domain controllers.

Join us on Thursday, March 14 at 10AM EST, as TriMech Solutions Consultant, Applications, Joe Perera, covers the potential risks associated with installing PDM on domain controllers, covering aspects such as security, performance, and logistical considerations. It's crucial to address these issues before implementation.

He will also focus on practical solutions, discussing best practices for securing domain controllers and comparing on-premise versus cloud hosting options. We will conclude by highlighting how TriMech can assist in implementing these strategies, offering valuable support in navigating and mitigating associated risks.

During this SOLIDWORKS PDM Webinar, you will learn:

  • Awareness of the risks when dealing with Domain controller
  • Why PDM shouldn’t be installed on a domain controller.
  • Best practices for protecting domain controllers.
  • Awareness of PDM cloud hosting and TriMech implementation/support.

Joe Perera

Solutions Consultant, Applications

Joe is a Solutions Consultant working out of Rocky Hill, CT. He started with TriMech in March 2023 but comes from a background of over 12 years in the design engineering industry. He’s been using SOLIDWORKS since 2010 and has a ton of experience with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and PDM. He even worked with TriMech extensively as a client in a past life and decided to join the team after such a positive experience.