Discover ABAQUS and Simpack flexible body technology: Uses and Benefits

April 11, 2024 04:00 PM Europe/London

In contrast to high-resolution finite element methods, a strength of multibody system models is the description of complex mechanical systems with a comparatively small number of degrees of freedom, which leads to a low computational effort. This is necessary for the analyses of multiple design variants. Hence the integration of structural models made in Abaqus into Simpack multibody system models requires reduced use of order modeling techniques. Different levels of modelling fidelity enable the optimum balance between computation time and the depth of results to be achieved. They range from modeling the linear displacement field based on displacement mode vectors via reduced order models that capture large displacement effects up to a co-simulation with a full-sized nonlinear Abaqus model. The presentation will explain some of these modeling techniques, such as the automatic selection of displacement modes, the mode selection for surface-wise interactions (contact forces), the assembly of multiple reduced finite element models into a single flexible body, the nonlinear reduction of a wind turbine rotor blade and finally the preparation of linear flexible bodies and the necessary quality checks in the structures apps of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.



  • Realistic simulation of mechanical systems including structural flexibility
  • Fatigue & strength calculation considering the context of a mechanical system and realistic simulation scenarios

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